Corporate Training


Controlled Chaos has a strong history in providing quality tailored training programs with a 95%+ participant satisfaction rate on record. Controlled Chaos operate hundreds of training programs per year across a large and comprehensive catalog. Our empowering training packages can be tailored to a large range of key industry leading topic areas, either via training room delivery or our advanced and interactive online training platform. 

Our trainers have diverse expertise and ensure participants are engaged and motivated to maximise their learning outcomes. Our team have extensive experience in delivering to Industry Groups, Registered Training Organisation, Corporations and Universities to list a few. 

Our team can provide both non-accredited, accredited and industry specific training.

Some of our key training courses include:

  • Specialised industry approved Employment Services Training for all federal contracts.
  • Customer Service and Negotiation 
  • Marketing
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Management and Leadership
  • Risk Management 
  • Safety for remote employees
  • Strong Compliance meets Strong Performance
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Planning
  • Technology Systems
  • Cyber Security

Some of our key training courses include:

  • Employment Services
  • Disability Services
  • Aged Care Services
  • Technology Providers
  • Schools
  • Registered Training Providers (RTO)
  • Universities 
  • Local Businesses 
  • Federal government services
  • State government services

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Team Motivation

Team Motivation Training

We joined Employment Services to inspire and motivate people into' employment hereby changing lives. In this rapidly evolving role we can all at times lose the thrill we first had when we supported our first person into employment. This Re-start & Re-motivate program is developed specifically from expert knowledge of the Employment Services industry for managers and staff.

“Throughout my work nationally with Employment Services there is one thing that remains constant. Every high performing site has a highly motivated team, with a awareness of how to motivate job seekers thereby achieving positive results”

We have developed a training program with a mix of contract, case maanagement knowledge, good news stories and inspiring learner based activities (developed for corprate learning). 

Key topics include:

  • Employment Services (The great stories) Activity
  • Why motivation is key to individual and teams
  • Individual motivation (activity how to self motivate)
  • Motivating teams and colleagues (Activities)
  • Learn and play key activities to inspire development
  • Tips for motivating job seekers - tips and tools
  • How to manage KPI’s as a motivation tool
  • Planning - tips to re-set to positive motivation

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